Our focus is the one-on-one, personalized service whether we're performing V02 Max or RMR testing, getting an expert fitting, crafting your next training program, building your perfect bike. We serve the communities of Jamul, Rancho San Diego, Spring Valley, Mount Helix, Lemon Grove, La Mesa and El Cajon.

Escala Studio offers:

  • Expert bike fitting services, performed using the latest techniques
  • Training and coaching services for all level cyclists.
  • Custom bikes. We build your dream bicycle.


Bicycle Fitting


A bike that is properly fitted to your individual riding characteristics and comfort is the key to producing power. If you are not comfortable, you can not produce power optimally. Escala Studio have extensive fitting experience.


Our Racing Teams

Veloz Cycling Team


One of California's top racing teams.

San Diego Composite High School Team


San Diego's high School Composite team.

Cycling Apparel

We have new cycling jerseys from Veloz and Classique bicycle apparel.

Fitting Coaching


A bike that is properly fitted to your individual riding characteristics and comfort is the key to prevent injury and produce power.


Whether you' re a seasoned endurance athlete or just looking to improve yourself, Escala Studio will help you achieve your goals.

Fitting Coaching
V02 Max Testing
Resting Metabolic Rate Testing


Maximum aerobic fitness testing is the "gold standard" method for aerobic fitness testing. Knowing your maximum aerobic fitness will allow for more precise exercise prescription and provide vital information on your cardiometabolic system.


The RMR test will estimate daily resting energy expenditure, allowing you to estimate your energy requirements, and repeated measurements enabling you to keep track of changes over time in response to changes in your exercise program and your weight.

Custom Women's
Custom Bikes
Women's Specific


We can build your dream bike. We're dedicated to building you the best possible bike to suit your requirements, we'll custom build you a bicycle to suit your riding style, component preferences and most importantly fit.


Escala Studio recognizes the specific needs of women riders. We offer a bike fit among several other women's services that is uniquely designed for the needs of women and is performed under the supervision and advice of a female cycling expert as she understands first-hand the unique challenges women face while cycling.


Bicycle Service Experts


Serving on all your bicycle repair needs. For the communities of Jamul, Rancho  San Diego, Spring Valley, Mount Helix, La Mesa, Lemon Grove and El Cajon