Maximal Oxygen Consumption - V02 Max






Metabolic testing at Escala Studio can help endurance athletes of all levels. Our comprehensive services include evaluating your current level of fitness, and or creating a targeted, effective training plan for performance improvement.

What is Metabolic Testing?
Metabolic testing measures an athlete’s individual physiological response to exercise. At Escala Studio we use a metabolic testing machine. With the aid of this device and the Escala Studio's team, you will learn:

Your maximum ability to consume oxygen (VO2 Max)
Your lactate threshold
Your aerobic threshold
Your efficiency at race pace
Your use of carbohydrate and fat at different exercise intensities
How your results compare to elite athletes in your sport.

Cost: $150




VO2 Max and Efficiency




VO2 max represents the maximum ability of your body to consume oxygen and is a key indicator of your potential as an endurance athlete. Your performance in endurance sports depends on your ability to consume oxygen at a high rate for a sustained period of time. A high VO2 max is necessary for success in endurance events, but a high VO2 max alone does not ensure success.

Efficiency is the amount of oxygen consumed at your race pace and can be compared to the amount consumed by elite athletes. If your form causes you to waste energy, we can offer training tips to help you become a more efficient cyclist. Improvements in efficiency translate to faster finish times.


Lactate threshold and Aerobic threshold

Lactate threshold is the point during exercise of increasing intensity at which blood lactate levels begin to rise rapidly and fatigue ensues. Lactate threshold indicates your maximum sustainable pace and has been found to be the most reliable predictor of race performance. Lactate threshold occurs at roughly 45-55% of VO2 max in untrained individuals but can be increased significantly with targeted training.

Aerobic threshold is marked at the time at which the body goes from burning all fat as the main fuel source to mixture of fuel that includes some sugar. At this point the body begins working hard in its present physical condition to get enough oxygen to the muscles to metabolize fat as the only fuel. Getting oxygen to the muscles is part one of the equation, the muscles actually being efficient at up taking the oxygen is the second part. The more oxygen being utilized at the Aerobic threshold the more energy that can be created via fat! This is why building a solid “aerobic” base is imperative to overall performance and/or fat loss.